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Chrome VI audits of Leather Manufacturers

Stop playing Russian Roulette with your leather suppliers

Although outside factors may facilitate the formation of chrome VI, the main casual factor in its formation is the original leather manufacturing process. A well constructed and controlled leather processing recipe will minimise the risk of chrome VI formation in the finished leather or later in the finished product. There are certain checks and balances that should be adopted when making leather to minimise the risk of chrome VI formation during the process and in subsequent leather. To ensure that these best practices are being adhered to BLC can conduct a chrome VI audit on the leather manufacture process.


The BLC Solution

Conduct a BLC chrome VI audit. The BLC technique for managing chrome VI risk within a tannery involves three key elements;
1) a site visit and process audit,
2) a review and risk assessment of all the chemicals used within the process,
3) a review and risk assessment of key leather test results.

If these three elements are not conducted in your chrome VI audit, then the risk cannot be minimized.

It should be noted therefore, that the tannery will need to prepare in advance of the chrome VI audit to minimize the cost and time required to conduct the audit and prepare the report. The language of the audit will be English and therefore a suitable technical facilitator is required.


Skilled auditors

To conduct the chrome VI audit, BLC will provide only experienced, qualified or experienced technologists with appropriate independently approved auditing qualifications. The consultants will be a mixture of current BLC employees, or sub contracted individual consultants.


The chrome VI audit process

Having reviewed the process recipe in advance, the BLC consultant will visit the tannery to carry out a one day assessment of the facility with specific reference to chrome VI avoidance. A significant element of the visit will be to advise around best practice and provide guidance for the avoidance of chrome VI during production.


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