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Tannery Design

Tannery Design 

BLC offers a tannery design and project management service through its in-house consulting services.

BLC have over 90 years experience working with tanneries and within the leather industry, we can provide factory design, coupled with independent machinery and systems specifications.  The standard tannery design package provides for use of best available techniques, machinery sizing and specification, labour efficiency, handling optimisation automation as required, effluent requirements, layout drawings and tannery specifications. Spend time with our technical team and take away a written specification and process flow diagrams for your new tannery. 

BLC can also provide technical support and employee training programmes during factory start-up. This support during start-up ensures that processing issues are addressed quickly and effectively and that a robust technical process is adopted from day one. 

For more information on BLC tannery design services or to discuss your tannery design requirements, please email us at or call us on +44 (0)1604 679999.

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