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Leather Yield Improvements

Leather Yield Improvements

The raw hide or skin is the highest single cost item for a tanner. Optimisation of leather area yield is vital, making raw material utilisation a key focus area within the leather manufacturing operation. BLC leather area yield improvement programmes improve company performance by maximising the quality and area per hide or skin.

To keep the value of their business high, leather manufacturers and cutting operation facilities need to remain focused on maximising company performance. BLC Leather Yield Improvement Programmes offer a low risk strategy to improve profitability in a very short time frame.

Area gains of 2% to 4% or more are achievable, depending on the type of leather production and the degree of understanding and control of existing products and processes. Who can afford to ignore increased output from existing capacity?

The programmes are carried out systematically in collaboration with the operational team. The mechanism used is to generate, observe, demonstrate and quantify results and then encourage key personnel to understand the fundamentals of each process operation and its effect on providing quality, usable area.

Prioritisation of specific areas within the leather manufacturing process allows increased profits to be reached at the earliest point. Typical focus areas would be mechanical operations (splitting, trimming, samm/setting, drying, conditioning, staking and finishing) and chemical process operations. A key element of the success rate is training, concentrating on using leather economically, maintaining quality standards and maintaining and improving output rates.

This type of project has the added benefit of a relatively low level of investment for the rate of return and potential improvements in profits. As well as significant area gains, the programmes also contribute to easier production management and enhanced competitive advantage.

For further details on BLC programs regarding leather yield improvements, please email us at or call +44 (0) 1604 679999.

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