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Leather Problems

Leather Problems

Looseness of leather, signs of excessive growth, uneven dying, cracking leather, colour variation, grain damage, poor yield, weak leather and finish failure are common leather problems.

BLC are experts in leather, with over 90 years experience, we have the technical pedigree in leather technology to ensure fast, accurate solutions to technical, management or environmental leather problems.

Experienced leather technicians at BLC offer a confidential on-site troubleshooting service using scientific techniques to identify and correct the cause of leather problems.

Problems in leather processing

Do you have difficulty finding the cause of a recurring technical leather problem? In our experience it is rarely one, but more often a combination of factors that cause leather processing problems. BLC is able to help with all leather problems; we use a logical, scientific approach to leather problem solving to identify minor and major issues which may have been overlooked during initial in-house examination.

Looseness in leather

Looseness in leather can be caused by a number of leather processing factors; bacterial degradation in the raw stock, excessive opening up in the beamhouse, fatliquor penetration, impregnation, mechanical stressing, leather moisture content and drying amongst others. With all these factors it is critical to have tight control over the trials and the subsequent evaluation. BLC's technical team can help tannery staff, who often have limited time or resources, to tackle these problems in a logical way.

Signs of excessive growth

Understanding background science is important when dealing with this type of leather problem and is where the blend of leather science and leather experience at BLC pays dividends. For example, our research has shown that soaking, over liming, under liming, pH gradients and tannage application all have a considerable effect on growth.

Other leather problems

Whatever your leather processing problem, BLC is likely to have either seen or solved it before. For most situations our technical team will be able to provide a range of solutions.

Benefits of BLC leather problem solving support:

BLC members receive 30% discount on all testing, training and problem solving support.

For further details on BLC leather problem solving, please email or call +44 (0) 1604 679999.

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