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Leather Process Audits

Leather Process Audits

Maintain competitive advantage in today's leather processing market through an independent, logical, scientific audit of leather production processes.

BLC are leather experts and we can deliver a range of leather related services.  Established for over 90 years, we have the technical pedigree in auditing and consulting.

BLC leather process audits are typically used by tanners or manufacturers to benchmark against leather manufacturing best practice or to solve a specific technical leather problem. A leather process audit can give the management team a better understanding of critical leather processes, provide improved measurability, assist with leather process design and eliminate persistent leather problems.

Leather process audits can also provide customers with energy and water saving solutions and our team of experts will provide a process audit report detailing their findings which will include recommendations for process improvements.

Leather process audits can be tailored to specific needs or leather problems, although our standard audits include:

For further details on BLC leather process audits or to discuss your leather process audit requirements, please email us at or call +44 (0) 1604 679999.

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