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Laboratory Assessment

Laboratory Assessments

Quality and reliable leather test results are a sign of an efficient leather testing laboratory, creating customer confidence. A formal laboratory assessment system demonstrates that a leather testing laboratory has the necessary internal structure to ensure consistent, reliable and reproducible leather and footwear test results.

Certification of a laboratory establishes a set of guidelines, similar to ISO 9000 Quality Systems, which ensure that management structure, operational procedures and calibration records are set up and maintained. These parameters demonstrate the full functioning of the laboratory systems and can be independently audited with certification to a recognised quality system.


Laboratory set-up

Technical specifications, coupled with on-site guidance and advice on laboratory layout, are given to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and ease of operation. Depending on the type and volume of leather testing, BLC can make recommendations on equipment needs and leather tests required.

Laboratory training

Comprehensive leather training is given on correct leather laboratory procedures and leather test methods to ensure effective operation of the laboratory in a predetermined timescale. The training programme includes laboratory safety, general procedures, presentation of results and calibration of leather testing equipment.

Laboratory accreditation

Qualified and experienced BLC leather consultants have provided support at all stages of setting up the laboratory including layout and equipment required, designing a management system, training staff and finally assessing the laboratory against a recognised international standard (BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2000) covering the general requirements for the competence of leather testing and calibration laboratories.

Recommendations will be presented to assist laboratory staff in formulating a quality manual and implementing procedures which will satisfy the requirements of the standard. The laboratory is ready for independent verification and certification once these procedures are in place.

Upon satisfactory implementation of the quality system and the inspection of records and procedures within an agreed time frame, a certificate of compliance will be issued by BLC.

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