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BLC Consulting Services

BLC Consulting Services

BLC offers a wide range of consulting services and practical support for tanners, product manufacturers and retailers around the world. These services include technical support for process improvement or to address recurring problems. In addition, we offer a range of environmental services, LWG audits and environmental audits of suppliers. 

BLC consulting services offer customers with cost saving, water saving, energy saving solutions and our team of experts can provide recommendations on improvements to leather manufacturing processes.

Established for over 90 years, working in the leather industry and the leather supply chain, we have the technical pedigree in leather technology to offer our customers fast, accurate solutions for their technical, management or environmental leather problems or requirements.

It is estimated that by 2025, two out of every three people in the world will live in water stressed areas - BLC consulting services can provide tanners and manufacturers with solutions to reduce water consumption.

The costs of effluent treatment are estimated at 5-10% of production costs.  BLC consulting services can offer solutions to tanners and manufacturers to help reduce costs.

BLC consulting services include:

We also provide commercial support in manufacturing, trading and marketing activities.

For further information on BLC consulting services or to discuss your consulting service requirements, please email or call +44 (0) 1604 679999.

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