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Clean Technology in Leather Processing

Clean Technology in Leather Processing

Clean technology can significantly reduce the costs of environmental compliance by reducing effluent loadings and chemical costs in leather manufacture.

BLC's are experts in leather and clean technology, with over 90 years experience working with the leather industry, we have the technical pedigree in leather technology.

BLC's targeted leather research, leather consulting and practical knowledge provides the basis for independent advice on chemical processes and equipment requirements for a wide range of cleaner technology options in leather manufacture.

Clean Technology: Process Management

Using the BLC philosophy on clean technology, built on process efficiency and optimisation, leather manufacturers can benefit from a reduced loading on effluent and real cost savings in chemicals, time and water. An additional advantage of process optimisation is the potential to identify opportunities to improve the quality and consistency of the leather.

Clean Technology: Chemical Recycling

Beyond process optimisation comes the opportunity to recycle liquors and chemicals. BLC offers a range of complete solutions for the recycling of chrome, soak liquors and, using new membrane technologies, removal of process chemicals from tanning and dyeing liquors.

Clean Technology: Water Recycling

BLC has carried out extensive work on the recycling of water using membrane technologies and most, if not all, waste water can be recycled with the range of membranes that are now available.

Benefits of BLC Leather Consulting

For further information on BLC Clean Technology solutions, please email us at or call +44 (0) 1604 679999.

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