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BLC Information Services - the leading British leather company

Information is a vital tool in today's global economy. BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd is a well established British leather company and has an acquired wealth of information covering all aspects of the leather and footwear industry, from the latest leather testing requirements, to chemicals found in leather, to research findings and statistical information on the international leather trade. This leather information is disseminated to members in a variety of formats:

Leather on-line
Information centre
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Leather Seminars/Training

BLC holds a number of leather seminars each year for members and non-members. For tanners and chemical companies or those who want to keep abreast of the latest leather technologies, there are annual technical leather seminars in the UK, China and the USA.

For retailers and leather users regular leather training seminars are held in Northampton. See Training for details.

Leather Publications

BLC Members are kept up to date with the latest leather research, environmental and business developments. Details relating to leather training courses, leather seminars, leather trade shows, leather legislation and environmental issues are also circulated to BLC members via the BLC Leather Update.

Leather on-line

This leather service, which is available to BLC members only, consists of a technical abstracts database allowing quick access to leather information via BLC's specialist leather information centre. Click here to access

Information centre

BLC is not only a leading British leather company but also has an extensive library of leather related publications, ranging from basic leather chemistry, leather physics and biology through leather tanning and associated leather processes, to leather waste disposal and leather and footwear legislation. These are accessible to BLC members only.

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