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BLC and BFA Foundation Course in Footwear Technology

BLC and BFA Foundation Course in Footwear Technology

In conjunction with the British Footwear Association, BLC are pleased to present the BFA Foundation Course in Footwear Technology in 2017.

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For the British footwear industry to continue to thrive it is vitally important that there is a continuous supply of skilled, experienced and knowledgeable personnel and technologists.

In conjunction with the British Footwear Association (BFA), BLC are presenting a Foundation course in Footwear Technology, an industry led technical training syllabus aimed primarily at newcomers to footwear who wished to embark on a technical career path.

The course, which is comprised of four one day modules running over a period of four weeks, aims to enhance your knowledge of footwear, principles of lasting, fitting, construction, safety related performance and quality assurance. The modules are broken down as per the below:

Module 1: Lasts & Fitting

Location: BLC Leather Technology Centre, Northampton

Date: Wednesday 3rd May 2017

  • Foot anatomy and study of the internal and external structure of the foot, biomechanics, functions and movement of the foot.
  • Principles of last design, relationship between foot and last, principles of last grading, last standards and guidelines, last assessment techniques, last constructions, different last types and materials.
  • Sizing systems, principles of different sizing systems and comparisons (UK, Paris Points, USA).
  • Foot Comfort - requirement for upper and underfoot comfort, pressure points, general principles of foot comfort, bespoke and orthopaedic.
  • Foot measurement and assessment, knowledge of foot measurements, different foot types, different foot measuring devices, e.g., tapes, boards etc.

Module 2: Materials

Location: BLC Leather Technology Centre, Northampton

Date: Wednesday 10th May 2017

  • Leather - upper, lining and sole leathers, types of skin, factors affecting quality, manufacturing processes, structure of leather, uses and aesthetics, test requirements, tannage, labelling, understanding leather from animal to shoe.
  • Visit to leather tannery.
  • Synthetic uppers and lining, structures of PUCF, PVCCF, Poromerics, synthetic suedes, membranes - structure and applications, use of materials, properties and testing.
  • Soling materials, critical and special performance properties, characteristics of different soling types, identifying features and typical end uses, vulcanising and moulding processes, key tests.
  • Other materials and components- brief identification and understanding of the material types, constructions and end use of insoles, leather boards, cellulose insoles, non-wovens, seat boards and shank boards, shanks toe puffs, stiffeners, fastening systems, zips, touch and close, laces, elastics, buckles, threads foot beds, mid soles etc.

Module 3: Construction

Location: BLC Leather Technology Centre, Northampton

Date: Wednesday 17th May 2017

  • Explanation of construction types, their manufacturing processes and typical end uses and properties, adhesive types, preparation, bonding and failures.
  • The manufacturing process from goods-in and material storage through cutting, upper preparation, closing, lasting and making, shoe room and finishing. Machinery used and terminology. Basic understanding of the whole shoe making process.
  • Visit to footwear factory.

Module 4: Safety Related Performance

Location: BLC Leather Technology Centre, Northampton

Date: Wednesday 24th May 2017

  • Basic understanding of the legal requirements of footwear including The General Products Safety Directive, Sale of Goods Act, Toy Directive, REACH and banned and restricted substances.
  • Labelling Directive, US CPSCA, Other relevant national legislation.
  • Risk- what is it and define critical, major and minor issues, importance of risk management, product liability and recalls, safety critical issue v quality issues.
  • Understanding of main safety related properties including physical tests, fastening integrity, foot discomfort and fit, stability, allergies, chemicals, flammability, toxicity, sharp points - their causes and remedies.

Course Costs

BLC and/or BFA members: £280.00 per module + VAT

Non members: £380.00 per module + VAT

Register Your Place Today

For more information or to book your place please contact or call +44 (0)1604 679999.

Reference Location Date/s Status
Module One: Lasts and Fitting BLC Northampton 03-05-2017 Places Available
Module Two: Materials BLC Northampton 10-05-2017 Places Available
Module Three: Constructions BLC Northampton 17-05-2017 Places Available
Module Four: Safety Related Performance BLC Northampton 24-05-2017 Places Available

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