Tannery and Factory Tours Announced for Footwear Technology Course

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The popular BLC and BFA Foundation Course in Footwear Technology will be taking place throughout May 2017 and is an industry-focused course designed for professionals looking to start a career in footwear.

As part of this 4-module course, delegates will receive a visit to a manufacturer of lasts and shoe trees, a tannery, and a footwear factory:

Module 1 Visit

For the first module on footwear lasts and fittings, delegates will visit Springline, who are designers and precision manufacturers of lasts and shoe trees.

On this visit, delegates will be looking at the principles of last design, relationship between foot and last, principles of last grading, last standards and guidelines, last assessment techniques, last constructions, different last types, and materials.

Module 2 Visit

For the second module on footwear materials, delegates will visit the tannery at the University of Northampton, a world-leading university in leather technology.

On this tannery tour, delegates will receive a tour of the tannery and gain an understanding of the leather-making process.

Module 3 Visit

For the third module on footwear construction, delegates will be visiting Cheaney & Sons, who are renowned shoemakers and footwear manufacturers.

On this visit, delegates will receive a tour of the footwear factory and an explanation of the different production processes.

About the BLC and BFA Foundation Course in Footwear Technology

In conjunction with the British Footwear Association (BFA), BLC are presenting a Foundation course in Footwear Technology, an industry led technical training syllabus aimed primarily at newcomers to footwear who wished to embark on a technical career path.

The course, which is comprised of four one day modules running over a period of four weeks, aims to enhance your knowledge of footwear, principles of lasting, fitting, construction, safety related performance and quality assurance.

For further information about the BLC and BFA Foundation Course in Footwear Technology and information on how to register, view our dedicated course webpage.

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