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Customer complaints and product returns can be damaging and costly for any business.

Are you aware of the number of customer returns received within your business?
Do you know the cost implication for your business?
Are poorly manufactured products leaving a bad impression with your customers?

This is an issue which affects all sectors of the leather supply chain, but help is at hand.

BLC offers a range of solutions to help reduce complaints and minimise the volume of product returns.  We work with a number of retailers and manufacturers around the world and aim, together with our customers, to improve their product quality and performance, and ensure that products are safe and compliant with various legislations.

BLC will:

  • evaluate your product lines
  • look at all parties involved in your supply chain, from raw material through to retail
  • advise on the best processes
  • offer guidance on how to avoid common problems which can cause product defects

We recommend that products are tested on a regular basis to ensure compliance with legislation, which varies all over the world.   We can also develop product specifications and produce testing protocols so that compliance testing procedures are in place for all product lines.

Product testing can not only identify any safety issues, but also highlight potential quality and performance problems.  Determining problems prior to mass production will limit product returns and protect your business from financial shortfalls.

At BLC we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times, but more importantly on the support and advice that we offer our customers in the case of product failures.  We can identify the reason for the product failure and offer solutions to overcome future failures.

To enquire about strengthening your customer experiences; saving your business money and improving your products please contact us on +44 (0) 1604 679999 or email

BLC members receive a 30% discount on all leather and product testing services.

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