News Release: Leading Leather Supply Chain Conference Makes Waves in Hong Kong

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News Release | Tuesday 11th April 2017
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On 30th March 2017, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre played host to one of the most influential conferences in the global leather industry, the Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain Conference, organised by BLC Leather Technology Centre and APLF.


This leading industry conference featured topics such as sustainable chemistry and DNA traceability, which are shaping current practices and ultimately the future of the leather manufacturing around the world. In addition, the Supply Chain Panel represented a cross-section of organisations which play active parts in the leather supply chain.


Around a hundred delegates attended the conference, from various companies including retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers as well as tanneries and chemical companies.


Looking to the future with sustainable chemistry

All businesses have a duty of care towards the environment, for their employees and the communities they are part of, which consumers recognise through their purchasing decisions. Using sustainable chemistry to produce consistent and scalable results is essential to develop the future of the leather industry.


Frank Michel, Executive Director at The ZDHC Foundation, spoke about the chemical gateway and MRSL conformance for the leather supply chain.


Michael Costello, Director of Sustainability at Stahl, ‘walked the talk’ when it came to how the leather chemicals industry is taking action on transparency.


Dr. Dietrich Tegtmeyer, Vice President at Lanxess, updated the delegates on the product environmental footprint of leather.


Austin Davidsen, Senior Manager, Footwear Materials – Leather at adidas, led the way with corporate sustainability goals and chemical management targets.


DNA traceability project to increase supply chain transparency

Dr. James Hayward, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO at Applied DNA Sciences, spoke about their pioneering DNA traceability research project, taking place in collaboration with BLC Leather Technology Centre.


The DNA traceability research project has secured several high-profile industry brands as sponsors, including C&J Clark International and PUMA, and has also received a significant amount of post conference press coverage.


For more information on the DNA traceability research project, visit our website or contact us via or call us on +44 (0)1604 679999.


Supply chain panel addresses topical issues

The Supply Chain Panel included sustainability experts from AdidasDeichmann SELVMHPrimarkSmit & Zoon and ZDHC, covering the length and breadth of the supply chain. Delegates had the opportunity to voice their questions to our panel of experts, who discussed these topical leather industry issues and provided delegates with their opinions.


With thanks to our conference sponsors

This year, we gratefully received several conference sponsors who supported the event:


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