EU Recalls on Jewellery Items

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nickel testingRAPEX has released details of jewellery items in Europe that have been withdrawn from the market and recalled from end users due to nickel and cadmium violations.

Two separate productions of earrings in France were found to contain 21% and 28% of cadmium respectively, far exceeding the 0.01% limit set about in REACH regulations.

In addition to this the first production of earrings was found to be in violation of the Nickel Directive, as the metal material releases 1.1 µg/cm²/week of nickel, exceeding the limit value of 0.5 µg/cm²/week.

Non compliant products can have a significant impact on retailers and manufacturers in terms of cost and reputation. BLC are here to help! We can offer chemical testing, supply chain support and guidance on EU and international legislation – get in touch today and eliminate toxic metals from your supply chain.

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