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What is BLC?

BLC is a private organisation; we are global leather and material experts and have been established for over 90 years, operating in more than 40 countries.  We offer a wide range of expert services to brands and retailers, assisting some of the world’s most popular brands.

Being a member of BLC

BLC membership is a paid for subscription, our members benefit from expert assistance, services and support.

One of several key services which we offer is product testing, we encourage all BLC members to conduct frequent product testing to ensure that their products are good quality, safe and fit for purpose.  

Product testing with BLC demonstrates due diligence and a focus on providing customers with good quality, safe products.  BLC take the time to understand how our members businesses operate and we tailor membership packages to meet their needs.

So what does BLC membership mean to you as the consumer?

With the customer always at the heart of any business, our members have joined BLC because they recognise and believe in the benefits of being associated with us and the positive effects that this can have for you.

BLC membership shows a commitment to product safety and compliance by providing consumers with good quality products, improved customer experience whilst enhancing brand reputation.

As a consumer, you maybe unaware of the work that goes on behind the scenes when bringing products to market, safety and performance are critical.  For example, a pair of shoes will undergo a series of performance and safety tests before they are mass produced to highlight any potential problems.  

Our aspiration is to ensure that consumers are provided with safe, eco friendly products that perform well.  We believe that BLC membership can achieve this vision by working with brands and retailers around the world.  Our aim is to increase our membership base and share our skills and experience with all BLC members.

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